Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Besides: Liner Notes

It all originally started as demo sessions in February of 2013. That quickly turned into a possible future album. Then that spiraled into having too many songs for said future album. So then that turned into plan C. Which is: take some of the songs and make an EP (Besides), and then find a home for this future album, while maybe in the meantime or later this year I’ll put out something under my own name. A lot of new tunes. A lot of dreaming, and always a lot of planning.

So why did I choose those specific songs for Besides and not any of the others? I’m not really sure. Whatever the reasons are though, I feel like they play together nicely. Kinda like it was always intended this way from the get-go.

The songs were mostly tracked by the band and by myself in 3-5 hour sessions with Joel Jerome at the controls. Usually on a weeknight, or weekend daytime.  Basically whenever I had the dough and the stars aligned.

I really enjoyed making and listening to this EP. It’s something I’m proud of and will stand by.

Sonically, it’s got vibe and texture. Joel is the real deal in the studio. He’s encouraging, he’ll clear a path and get out of the way, and most importantly he’ll let you know if what you’re doing is no good.

We tried to stick to the David Briggs and Neil Young ethos of “the more think the more you stink.”
Of course we went back and re tracked some stuff that wasn’t great or that we hurried though, and we did some comping on a few takes here and there, but overall it’s got a pretty natural feel. It’s family and friends who have been playing music together and hanging for a long time just doing their thing.

I look at TTSL and recording like being a painter. Sometimes I just wanna paint solo, and sometimes I do it collectively. Sometimes I might want a touch of turquoise and someone translates that into a hint of sea foam green. To me this magic. Real magic. It’s inspiring, and pushes me to keep chasing down and sometimes fight for the vision.

The band brought some solid stuff to the table. Tania and Mel’s song-birding on “Laughing It Off”, Nels and MVW's wall of thunder guitars on “She Won’t”, Willard’s funky bass line on “It Don’t Worry Me”, Tim’s always thoughtful and beautiful contribution to “So Stranded”, Evans dreamy and fluid guitar playing on “It Don’t Worry Me”, and of course Daltons balls to the wall drumming on “She Won’t”(he’s been waiting for this one for a long time). These are just a few of the things these dreamers brought.

I’m a lucky man to have friends and family to do this with.